Second Keynote Announced

We are pleased to announce Dr Francisco Melo as our second speaker for the LA-SCS. Dr Melo is Member of the Board of Directors of the ISCB and Leader of the Molecular Bioinformatics Laboratory at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile.

Most of the work done at Dr Melo's laboratory focuses on the study of the sequence, structure and function relationships between proteins and nucleic acids. Through the analysis and processing of large amounts of experimental data, physical principles, statistical methods and artificial intelligence techniques, they study and analyze protein-DNA interfaces in order to predict binding sites, affinity and peptide inhibitors.

Dr Melo is also a co-author of the MODELLER software, one of the most widely used software in the field of protein structure prediction. 
Melo has developed software, databases and web servers for analyzing the stability of DNA-DNA interactions (dnaMATE), for studying protein ligand binding sites (ProBiSite), protein structures in general and to accurately estimate the gene expression levels of full transcriptomes from experimental data (SAGExplore).

Check out the lab web page ( for further information.