Travel Fellowships


Q: I am an international student; do I qualify for a travel fellowship?

A: YES! We highly encourage students and early career scientists from any and all countries to apply for travel fellowships.

Q: What are the requirements to apply for a travel fellowship?

A: You need to have an abstract submitted for the Student Council Symposium and you have to be registered for both the Student Council Symposium and the ISMB main conference. You can, however, wait for the Travel Fellowship results first and then register for the Symposium and for the ISMB.

Q: When can I apply?

A: The students will receive an email after they submit an abstract to the Student Council Symposium with the link to the Travel Fellowship form and how to apply for a travel fellowship.

Q: When will I know whether I was awarded a travel fellowship?

A: Please check the key dates on the main page. The applicants will have one week to accept.

Q: When will I receive the money?

A: The students should bring their invoices (relative to flight, hotel and/or registration expenses) to the conference venue. During the subsequent month the corresponding amount of money will be reimbursed.

Q: I have been invited to apply for a travel fellowship for both the ISMB main conference and the ISCB Student Council. Would the expenses be shared between both of them? How should I proceed?

A: We would suggest applying for both the ISMB main conference and ISCB Student Council travel fellowships (TFs), as both are highly competitive. The ISMB TF has a larger award. Therefore, if you are fortunate to be awarded ISMB TF, it will have preference over ISCB Student Council TF. You can not have both.




Q: Will I receive an invitation letter if my poster/presentation is accepted?

A: We do not send any invitation letters (neither electronic, nor in paper) on poster/presentation acceptance. We only send a confirmation email to the author who submitted the abstract. This author is considered to be the presenting author and is not necessarily the first author.

Q: I would like to register for the SCS and for the main conference, but I can’t afford them. What can I do?

A: You can apply to volunteer at the conference. More details can be found on the ISMB LA website

Q: If I am selected for an oral presentation, should I also bring a poster?

A: We strongly encourage you to bring a poster even if you were selected to present your work orally.